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01 / efficient

Founded on a radically new concept, Purus Power’s patented Gyro-Cyclonic™ technology is capable of producing significantly more energy – with less.

The airflow and hydrokinetic potential leveraged by our unique, vortex-inducing Gyro-Cyclonic™ generation technology ensures maximum energy extraction. No matter the medium, Gyro-Cyclonic™ technology increases the energy that you are able to extract from flowing mediums.

02 / versatile

Wherever you are, our CONTADA™ solutions with embedded Gyro-Cyclonic™ Generation (GCG™) technology provides a high-degree of reliability and versatility.


In both air and water, CONTADA™ using Gyro-Cyclonic™ technology can be deployed in urban, rural and/or remote regions.

It is inconspicuous,

self-contained design

allows it to blend in

and adapt to many

different settings,

uses and environments.

03 / scalable

CONTADA™ using Gyro- Cyclonic™ Generation (GCG™) technology enables energy extraction at previously unfeasible sizes and/or air speeds - both higher and lower. 


Our technology can be scaled from very small to industrial and commercial and can be deployed with a high degree of customized integration compared to existing technologies. Purus Power's CONTADA£ with GCG™ is the only clean energy that meets all of the characteristics of the new Advanced Clean Energy™ (A.C.E.™) definition.


These characteristics are: high power intensity per m2; operational in dense urban areas; small required footprint (H or W); and, storm control and deflection to avoid damage or injuries. A.C.E. characteristics are important for energy security of supply as a recent U.N. report stated that '68% of the world's population will live in urban areas by 2050'.




Industrial  and commercial buildings, especially those with limited surface areas, that wish to control their energy costs, such as office towers and condos, have no practical method to generate energy from the free flow of air.

Gyro-Cyclonic™ technology is compact, powerful, whisper quiet and uses no propellers or blades. It can be inconspicuously integrated into new building designs and applied to existing industrial buildings

electric vehicles

Semi Trucks, Buses and Electric Vehicles of all types can integrate our Gyro-Cyclonic™ technology to provide supplemental electrical charge to their batteries from the kinetic energy in the air flowing around the vehicle.

Our Gyro-Cyclonic™ technology can thereby assist in extending the range of EV batteries or lowing the cost of energy.


The movement of water in rivers, channels and other locations contains hydrokinetic energy. This energy has not been effectively harnessed to generate clean energy - especially near populated centres.

Our Gyro-Cyclonic™ technology can scale to many megawatts in both fixed and floating solutions. Quiet, compact, powerful, out of sight and benign.


Whether it is your backyard or on your rooftop, Gyro-Cyclonic™ technology can be integrated in a non-intrusive manner into surroundings because it uses no propellers or blades and has no visible moving parts. Its whisper quiet and inconspicuous construction allows for greater community adoption.



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